Long Sleeve Robe PRO

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Discover where luxury meets necessity

Introducing our 'Limited Edition' Lumi Long Sleeve Robe Pro™ Changing Robe - designed for outstanding function without sacrificing the look, style, and comfort of a chic Nordic jacket!

We've crafted these change robes with cold water adventurers in mind, providing you with unparalleled warmth and waterproof protection.

Versatility at its finest, our robe is perfect for changing clothes, strolling along the coast, or simply wrapping yourself in warmth after an invigorating ice bath. With all-over coverage, extra pockets, and waterproof compartments, this robe is the ultimate all-in-one jacket experience.

"Finally, a robe that doesn't look like a tent made from a bin bag! I LOVE IT! It's incredibly cozy, and the compliments I receive on my morning walks are just an added bonus." ~ Chelsea Hemminglow (verified customer)

Our Lumi Long Sleeve Robe Pro™ Change Robe truly stands out from the crowd, thanks to its high-performance material. Featuring a waterproof outer layer and an ultra-soft fleece lining, you'll be enveloped in instant warmth and style.