Eco Wolf Stretch Yoga Mat

$39.00 USD

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Need more Grip?

We've got you covered, unlike other mats, our Eco Wolf Stretch Yoga Mat gets Grippier when wet. No more sweaty palm problems.

Sore knees?

Cushioned enough to take away the pain but sturdy enough to turn upside down.

The perfect thickness cross-firmness mat on the market. Our premium earth-friendly Eco Wolf Mat represents the growth in all of us.

We aim to promote awareness of mental health for men and women worldwide.

This mat doesn't just make a difference by supporting our two charities, but it represents taking a stand for everyone who suffers from mental health issues; no divide between men and women, a statement for all that suffering alone is not okay and our Luna & Wolf yoga mat expresses that to others.

'The Wolf you feed is the Wolf that grows'.

This mat is in Collaboration with Luna & Wolf the leaders in Yoga mats.

  • Made using natural rubber and PU.
  • 180cm x 66cm - Perfect for all sizes.
  • 2mm thick grippy rubber.
  • Comes in 4 colors with Wolf print design.
  • Weighs 2.4 Kg.
  • ULTRA GRIP - Our mats are designed to enhance your grip the more sweat the more grip you get!
  • Our Mats are made from 100% natural rubber PU.
  • We use a natural and biodegradable rubber on all mats.
  • Non-toxic Material, why would you want to lay on a toxic mat?
  • Our mats are eco-shipped via container boats and not flown. Flying a cargo plane across the world has a huge effect on our planet.